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Why Knowing Your Biological Age IS So Crucial?

The number of candles 🎂 on your birthday cake and the number of birthdays you celebrate each year represents your "CHRONOLOGICAL" age. 

However, as science has marched forward, another measure identifying the aging process has been discovered. This is known as the "BIOLOGICAL" age. 

This "bio-age" is based on years of research based around DNA which can more accurately identify how healthy you are and how long you might live. With TrueAge technology, we have cracked the code for determining your Biological Age. 
Learning your Biological Age is NOT just about learning how long you might live; instead, it's a tool to see how effective all the health efforts, sacrifices, and lifestyle approaches you are doing are having on your health. 

TruAge Biological Age testing now provides the "roadmap" to get real-time feedback about how to live without age-related problems. 

The TruAge Reports provides a clear picture of the changes you can make to your lifestyle so that you can effectively lower your Biological Age. 

How Can you Control Your Biological Age?

Risk Factors including lifestyle factors and environmental factors can impact how your genes perform, including: 

⚠️ Nutrition, Alcohol Consumption, Food Quality and Quantity 

⚠️ Working Habits, Physical Demands, Shift Work, Job Satisfaction 

⚠️ Environmental Exposures, Smoking, Toxins, and Emotional Stress

⚠️ Physical Activity, Social life, Community, Support Systems 

⚠️  And Many More...

Your biological age  CAN be reversed, so it's crucial for you to understand DNA methylation changes tested with the TruAge report

By applying the changes to lifestyle based on the TruAge results, you can VALIDATE that you are actually reducing your risk of incidence disease and death. 

Here Are All The Longevity Markers  that you Can get

At the end of the Critical Case Review, You will have:   

☑️ A detailed explanation of your SPEEDOMETER FOR AGING, in the one-of-a-kind algorithm highly predictive of outward phenotypic signs of aging, and the development of age-related diseases (tested in the Basic Kit, Advanced Kit

☑️ A detailed explanation of your Telomere Length which have long been a core reference point for tracking biological aging, learn about how telomere length affects cellular replication and cellular fate, and how your telomeres currently fare (tested in the Basic Kit, Advanced Kit

☑️ A detailed Biological Age report about your Intrinsic Epigenetic Age Acceleration which captures your cell-intrinsic properties of aging across various cells and organs that indicate a fundamental aging process  (Advanced Kit Only

☑️ A detailed Biological Age report about your Extrinsic Epigenetic Age Acceleration, which  incorporates blood cell counts,  and is associated with age-related conditions including all-cause mortality, cancer incidence and mortality, cardiovascular mortality, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s
Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and menopause (Advanced Kit Only)

☑️ A detailed explanation of your how Caloric Restriction impacts your ability to lose weight. Some people are less likely to respond to a calorie deficit diet in hopes of losing weight. This report tells if you are more likely to respond or not to a hypocaloric diet as a form of weight loss intervention. (Advanced Kit Only)

☑️ A detailed explanation of your Smoking & Disease Risk,  by looking at the impact tobacco smoke exposure has on your epigenome, and understanding your risk for developing smoking-related conditions (Advanced Kit Only)

☑️ A detailed explanation of Alcohol Consumption and DNA Methylation, by looking at the connection between DNA Methylation and Alcohol Consumption which is based on your self-reported drinking status, creating a custom methylation risk score. (Advanced Kit Only)


Dr Rosen is so very knowledgable, especially when it comes to biochemistry and genetics, AND he's got a great big heart and real passion for helping others. Where other doctors have sent me home with no answers and no hope, Dr Rosen gave me the tools and knowledge to facilitate healing! When I first met with him, I had such bad cellular level fatigue, I could barely lift a mug, could only walk about 10 feet on my own (and VERY slowly), could barely think, and I was still getting worse quickly! I'm well on my way to full recovery and able to do pilates, help around the house, walk the dog, etc - I literally have Dr Rosen to thank for saving my life


All I kept saying is that I wanted to get to the root cause of my issue and I did with Dr Joel. If you were lead to Dr Joel, trust your intuition and do it. Be ready to change your lifestyle and you have to address all your stressors. You will dive into your genetic to understand what your body needs specifically. Medicine should not be one size fits all which is what is great about Dr Joel. Everything is totally customized  to what you body needs. 

Kristin Angona-Macwan 

Adrenal Fatigue involves much more than the adrenals. I had ZERO chance of getting to the root causes of my fatigue issues on my own, or even with a local practitioner. Dr. Joel’s consults were “genetically targeted interventions and are the future of medicine”. He really connects the dots between genetics, and lab results. I would recommend taking advantage working with Dr. Joel’s. For me, I hesitated to pull the trigger because of the expense. Now that I have spent the money, I feel like the labs and consults are a great value. All of the years of time, effort, and expense pursuing challenges that were not root cause issues could have been saved had I found Dr. Joel earlier.

Griffen Kruse 

My initial health concern when coming to Dr. Joel, was fatigue. My biggest fear at the time, was if the fatigue was going to become, a consistent part of my life. Working with Dr Joel, has been a true blessing. To start I can’t express enough, the importance of getting the DNA test. This test comes with an abundant amount of insight, that is INVALUABLE, for the rest of your life. I have received testing result insight from Dr. Joel, testing, with a thorough explanation and a protocol to target my exact genetic code. Starting the protocol, right off the bat, has been life changing. This has given me such hope and obtaining the test results, has been confidence boosting. No more guessing.Do yourself the favor, your health is the biggest wise investment, you can make! Stop the running around and seeking help from those that don’t have your best interest at heart. Health is wealth,


Probably the biggest benefit I received were my results from the DNA test because they will be used throughout my entire life as tools for health issues that may pop up. I feel like I saw results immediately and these results have lasted over 5 months. I’ve never experienced anything like that with the myriad of supplements I’ve taken over the years to try to correct my fatigue. And I had a baby during that time too! Excited to see what the next months and years hold. If you are skeptical or unsure about beginning with Dr Joel, I would tell you that you will receive extremely personal care that is suited to you and your genetics, unlike any other care you’ve ever received. He gives you the tools you need to govern your own health care and not be tied to anyone or any clinic. 

Hannah M 

I’m a professional tennis player and travel all around the world. In a pretty stressful environment. He gave me a great protocol, to work on every day, and now I’m feeling great. Last year was the best year of my life, had great success on the court, finished number one in the world, and I think Joel contributed a lot to it. I recommend Joel, he’s the adrenal fatigue ninja.

MIKE BRYAN #1 Ranked Men’s Double Tennis Player in the World

I first became a patient after having fatigue related symptoms for a year or two, but the idea of “Adrenal Fatigue” had not been mentioned by my primary care doctor. I initially had my doubts about investing the money with a form of medicine that can sometimes be linked to other types of practices which I was skeptical of. That said, I was very happy with not only getting the results that allowed me to be symptom free and get back my life, but I have a complete profile of my health and genetics that allowed for a custom and tailor made plan that fit and addressed my needs. I now have an entirely new way to think about my day-to-day health and the know-how to listen to my body and think about what causes and solutions there are for what is currently bothering me.If you’re suffering and skeptical, being skeptical isn’t a bad thing. But the treatment should be looked at like a prescription or one quick fix but an investment in your health that can be utilized over the course of your lifetime. 

Erik Kiiskinen

My health journey may not have been easy, especially after 8 different specialists told me, there was nothing wrong with me” I am SO TRULY GRATEFUL to have worked with him and to have had him guide me and teach me. I will utilize what he has taught me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Joel, you are truly life changing!!!❤️?❤️


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